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We don’t look — or act — like the typical design-build firm, though you’ll know a Z project when you see one: our unexpected and unapologetic designs spark imagination through every detail, to the very edge of the property line.

From luxury residential to commercial spaces, our breadth of services and tailored approach allow us to collaborate with you to dream up designs that are true works of art.

Breaking the mold and challenging the norm is how we get to that jaw-dropping, head-turning final result. It’s in this magical combination of trust, commitment to the crazy, and a great sense of humor that allows us to do what we do best.


We get to know you (like, really get to know you). Are your showers your only alone time from the family each night? Do you start your day with morning coffee in the fresh air before people-ing? Do you love the sound of gravel under your tires as you pull into your driveway? How you live is extremely important to us, quirks and all.

Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket

Money talks and timelines get a bad rap, but we take these conversations and decisions seriously, making the process as crystal clear and realistic as possible. Our transparent and hands-on project management approach allows you to feel at ease throughout the journey. And, as typical of any design project, when the inevitable occurs, we deliver the information with a real-world solution, and a bottle of (insert your booze of choice) in hand.

Then — whether we’re constructing an entirely new structure or imagining an inspired interior design scheme — we do our thing. Perfectionism runs through our veins, and if you couldn’t tell by now, we absolutely love what we do. And that, my friend, is the Power of Z.